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From the Desk of Michael Redrow-Owner, Success is a Quest, CEO

 My Name is Michael D. Redrow, and I the owner of Success is a Quest in the personal development space. Many self-actualizers call me “Magic Mike”. Over the last few years I have been helping self-actualizers embrace their new level of self-confidence using a savvy approach to confidence-boosting that few in the personal development world have access to.

So…why do I do what I do?
Here’s why I believe I can relate to you: I have had my own personal struggles, I overcame addiction, I had legal issues, I thought I wasn’t worth anything to anyone.

I remember the day when everything changed for me. I was sitting in a courtroom waiting to hear the verdict on a very serious offense for a fight when I was 20 years old.

Thanks to this journey, I discovered enough is enough, my National Guard Unit was getting ready to deploy to Baghdad, Iraq. My legal issues had me thinking I would not deploy with my brothers in arms. With what I am sure is fate, I was able to deploy and that began my journey of becoming a personal development enthusiast. While away on my deployment I read books, studied self-improvement, and I began my journey to recover from my personal issues but it is a never-ending journey.

I understand that having a personal development plan that lets you change any aspect about your life you desire is paramount to your success. I understand this challenge very well, and I pledge to help you meet your goals and even exceed them, do it while you inspire your friends and family, and succeed with a sense of style.

And today, I want to help you get started today.

I’d like you to pick up my new quick start guide, “How to set habits to Build Your Future Off of it.”, right now. This complimentary guide will give you tips to focus on achieving your goals while building towards your future.

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Michael D. Redrow, CEO
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